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Meet Rochelle Parker

Motivational Speaker | Coach | Minister

At a young age Rochelle knew helping people and sharing the gospel in a transparent way, would lead her to greater heights. Rochelle E. Parker, ordained minister since 2016, listened to the strong calling for ministry in her life and God began to show her the power of manifestation which resulted in evolution in all aspect of her life. Although as a little girl Rochelle worked in ministry, as she began to step into her purpose, she learned to achieve her duties in Christ by being persistent, diligent, and faithful.



Educating herself on the areas of interest lead to receiving her _Associates degree in Communication. Speaking to individuals in public became second nature to her. She began ministering at events, in self-development courses, and during church service. Her passion for speaking and ministering led her to a bigger platform.

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God speaks to your future and not your present circumstance. 

Rochelle Parker 


Rochelle founded and operated her first organization, What’s Your Truth, where she developed a series of presentations that focused on young women acknowledging their inner and outer beauty and seeking visual mentors who represent truth and value. On a mission, she started a business, Your R.E.P. LLC, Reach. Empower. Produce a Coaching agency designed to continue her work with women. 


Her experience with helping others began at Young Minds Christian Preparatory School as a teacher, where she had the opportunity to constantly engage young people. Rochelle has also dedicated much free time volunteering with local initiatives and organizations such as Northwest Westside CDC's city clean up, walk with a Doc in Washington Park, and Educate 2 Educate as a Program Coordinator for global leadership. Rochelle Parker is a native from Milwaukee Wisconsin, with a diverse cultural background. Her mission is to inspire women and girls from all walks of life to live in their purpose using faith and reflection as a guide to manifesting the life they want.

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